Anesthesiology and Critical Care Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1388 and began its activities. The center utilizes the presence of qualified teachers in many diverse research areas that are related to anesthesia, a research activity.

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  1. International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium report, data summary of 50 countries for 2010-2015: Device-associated module  
  2. Berberine protects against glutamate-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis in PC12 and N2a cells.
  3. Erythropoietin plus Methylprednisolone or Methylprednisolone in the Treatment of Acute Spinal Cord Injury: a Preliminary Report.
  4. Effect of mannitol on postreperfusion cardiac output and central venous oxygen saturation during orthotopic liver transplant: a double-blind randomized clinical trial.
  5. The Effect of Methylnaltrexone on the Side Effects of Intrathecal Morphine after Orthopedic Surgery under Spinal Anesthesia.
  6. Designing Computerized Provider Order Entry Software in Iran the Nurses and Physicians Viewpoints.
  7. Prophylactic effect of ephedrine to reduce hemodynamic changes associated with anesthesia induction with propofol and remifentanil.
  8. Being Overweight Is Associated with Greater Survival in ICU Patients: Results from the Intensive Care Over Nations Audit.
  9. Early Outcomes of Liver Transplants in Patients Receiving Organs From Hypernatremic Donors.
  10. Effect of ondansetron on post-dural puncture headache (PDPH) in parturients undergoing cesarean section: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study
  11. Survey on the adequacyof depth of anaesthesia with bispectral index and isolated forearm technique in elective Caesarean section under general anaesthesia with sevoflurane.

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Affiliation Anesthesiology and Critical Care Research Center

Persian: مرکز تحقیقات بیهوشی و مراقبتهای ویژه،دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز، شیراز، ایران 

English: Shiraz Anesthesiology and Critical Care Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Ir

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